Minimise waste at your public event

Our Aim

As a region we are committed to helping event organisers reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. We recognise that as a community we are all responsible and can all play a part in the minimisation and correct diversion of waste produced at events. We carry out our aim by helping event organisers establish a waste minimisation plan that includes assistance with providing waste diversion bins at public events.

Advice and support on how to run a Zero Waste Event with an effective waste minimisation plan is provided through your local Council. All three Taranaki district councils (NPDC, STDC and SDC) will help you with:                                                       

·         Advice about on-site planning, waste station set up (pictured above), health and safety

·         Information on the collection and disposal of recycling, glass and organics by waste contractors

·         Provision of waste infrastructure including zero waste signage, bin wraps and lids

·         Advice on the sorting of waste streams by zero waste volunteers


Contact Us

For more information about how each district can support your local event speak to your local district council directly for their terms and conditions. See email links below.

New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) NPDC require your event organiser to submit a Waste Minimisation and Management Plan funding application that will be reviewed and approved. Approval for events must be obtained within 15 working days prior to the event being held as part of the application process. Larger events may require a longer application process. To get an application form please email us using the link below.

  • Email
  • Subject: Zero waste events application


South Taranaki District Council (STDC) Environment and Sustainability Team use this email link - Email


Stratford District Council (SDC) use this email link - Email





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