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Aluminium cans

Aluminium cans go in your recycling bin for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly before recycling.

Antifreeze (glycol)

Contact ERS NZ Ltd (0800 23 23 03) regarding disposal of antifreeze.

Ash - cooled

Once cooled, ash can be added to your home compost bin or placed under trees.


The Junction on Colson Road have teamed up with E-cycle, who provide an environmentally friendly recycling solution, which will keep household batteries out of landfills. They accept up to 5kg of household batteries for no charge at the front desk of The Reuse shop. Please ensure batteries have no rust or corrosion, as these pose a serious fire risk and cannot be sent for recycling.

Lithium batteries and any batteries over 9v need their contact points taped for safety
For Commercial Battery Recycling, pricing is $9/kg excluding GST.

Bunnings offers battery recycling instore by the entrance. Check with staff to make sure your batteries are accepted. 

South Taranaki District Council residents - Hawera Transfer Station will collect for free (no commercial or car batteries).

Stratford District Council residents - Standard alkaline batteries (AAA/AA/C/D) can be taken to the Stratford Transfer Station on Cordelia Street (no commercial or car batteries).batteries_1920

Hearing aid batteries can be dropped at some hearing aid shops such as Triton Hearing.

Cellphones and cellphone batteries can be taken to your local Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees dealer as they have a 'take back' policy. 

Batteries - vehicle (boats, cars, motorbikes, trucks)

Contact a local battery recycler like Century - click here to find your nearest store. The map view will show you which stores have a Battery Recycling Centre - they will take your old lead acid battery FREE of charge. Alternatively, take to scrap metal dealer, Repco (137 Courtenay Street New Plymouth or 57 High Street Hawera) or ask at your local garage.


Donate books in good condition to a local second-hand or charity shop. Ripped or damaged books can be placed in your recycling bin, including hard cover books.


Boots can be repaired at a local shoe repair shop. Boots or shoes in good condition can be donated to a local second-hand store. If not in good condition, please place in your landfill bin.

Bottle Tops

New Plymouth

Plastic milk and cream bottle tops are accepted at the Junction on Colson Road for recycling. Place in the wheelie bin by the recycling wall outside the front door.

Wine bottle tops and can tabs (alumnium) are also accepted at the Junction where they are  sent to charity Kidney Kids to raise funds to support children and their families with kidney disease.


Plastic milk bottle tops can be taken to the Hawera Transfer Station on Scott Street. Place in the wheelie bin by the recycling skip bin.

Building materials

Building materials such as timber, corrugated iron and gib, as well as fittings, fixtures, bathroom and kitchen units, lights, windows, doors, hardware and tools in good condition can all be donated to The Junction on Colson Road.

Alternatively contact Building Traders or Revive Building Recyclers to arrange an on-site quote, or drop off used items. Items can also be donated via the Taranaki Recycled Building Materials Facebook Group, Freecycle New Plymouth, or Permaculture in Taranaki Facebook Group.

Building Traders - (06) 757 9214 or 027 523 8006

Revive Building Recyclers - (06) 759 9096 or 027 358 5862

Can Tabs (Coke, beer etc)

Collect and take can tabs off aluminium cans to The Junction on Colson Road and place into the drop off container. These are sold and recycled as a fundraising effort for KanTabs for Kidney Kids, the money raised going towards supporting kids and their families as well as helping purchase dialysis machines.

Cans (aluminium or steel)

Put into your recycling bin for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly before recycling.

Car bodies

Enquire at your local car wreckers or scrap-metal dealers regarding collection.

Car Seats

Expired or damaged child car seats can be brought to Baby on the Move in Inglewood (54 Matai Street Inglewood) to have them recycled for free. Any brand of booster, convertible seat or capsule is accepted, but no polystyrene seats, snap and go’s or other car seat accessories.


Check with your carpet supplier or manufacturer if they have a carpet-recycling programme

Use or offer your used wool carpet to local gardeners to use as a weed mat in the garden. Or get in touch with After Disaster, who clean and sell second hand carpet.

About – Textile Products


3R provides a collection and disposal service for industrial, agricultural or household chemicals. Click the link for more info.

ChemCollect - Your Hazardous Waste Managed - 3R

Stratford District Council - Empty chemical containers can be dropped off at Central Spraying Services Ltd 027 264 5154. These must be tripled rinsed. Please call ahead to let them know what you have.

Cloth Nappies

Pregnancy Help Taranaki is accepting cloth nappies in any condition for their new cloth nappy bank. Nappies will be sorted based on their condition with new and gently used nappies cleaned and made available to clients. Nappies past their prime will be recycled into rags (available for sale) or sent to Terracycle for textile recycling.

If you or someone you know would like to try cloth nappies or donate cloth nappies, get in touch with Pregnancy Help Taranaki at taranaki@pregnancyhelp.org.nz. Drop off locations are located on the map below.  

This project was funded in part by NPDC’s Zero Waste Fund and Stratford District Council’s waste levy contestable fund.  

Clothes Hanger

Take unwanted clothes hangers to second hand stores or The Junction for reuse. These are not recyclable (neither plastic or metal) and so should not be placed in your kerbside recycling bin.


Donate good quality used clothing to local second-hand stores or charity collections. Please only donate items that are in good condition and can be on-sold and ask volunteers/staff before drop off if you are unsure.


Buy and Sell used school and sports uniforms.

Buy & Sell Used School Uniforms & Sports Club Gear


Clothing Recycling

Upparel offers a booked collection for textile recycling. They accept (almost) all textiles for reusing, repurposing, and recycling – you can view a complete list of what they accept here. Their recycling rates are based on weight and costs start from $35, which will allow you to send and recycle 10kg of textiles in one box.

UPPAREL Clothing Collection Pick Up Australia & New Zealand


Little Yellow Bird will take your natural fibre products (any brand) to be recycled back into new clothes through a pre-paid Take Back Bag. Only 100% cotton, merino, wool, linen, hemp, and silk items. Must be washed. No undergarments.

Will also accept sheets, tea towels, and towels. Must be made of the materials listed above

Textile Take Back Bag | Little Yellow Bird Apparel

Image sourced from littleyellowbird.com

Coffee capsules

New Plymouth

Moccona, L'affare, Jeds, Illy (aluminium only) and L'OR coffee capsules can be recycled at the Junction on Colson Road.


Nespresso capsules can be dropped off at Hawera LibraryPlus on High Street. There is a cardboard box inside the main door. 

Want to send them directly to TerraCycle or set up your own collection?

Used Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee capsules can be recycled via the free TerraCycle recycling program. Find local drop off points on the TerraCycle map, fill in the application form to set up a free public collection box. 

 You can send capsules directly to TerraCycle using a shipping label downloaded from their website with a free account. Check that they accept your brand of capsules. 

Compostable packaging - Home compostable

Certified home compostable packaging (look for certifications AS580 or EN 13432, AS 5810) can be composted in your home compost bin. You can also contact local compost drop off sites listed on the ShareWaste website to see if they accept home compostable packaging. If you cannot compost it, place compostable packing in your kerbside collection landfill bin.

Compostable packaging, cups, containers - Commercially compostable

Commercially compostable packaging and compostable coffee cups can only be composted in a commercial composting facility. (Look for the certifications AS4 4736, EN 13432 or ASTM D 6400/6868 for certified commercially compostable products).

Contact EnviroWaste or Waste Management to get a quote for a commercial compost collection at your workplace or cafe. 

Computers, monitors, printers and fax machines

If your unwanted computer equipment, printer or fax machine still has life left in it and you are happy to give it away, you could offer it to The ICT Gateway or a charity shop - just check first. Alternatively, list it on Freecycle or offer it to a local school. Be sure to delete all personal data from your computer beforehand. If in doubt about how to do this, contact a computer service shop. See also our information below on recycling Electronic waste.

Concrete and bricks

Clean used concrete and bricks can be dropped off for recycling at The Junction on Colson Road or alternatively Jones Quarry, Mahoetahi Road Brixton. Call 06 754 8500 or 027 276 2498 or see www.jonesquarry.co.nz.

Concrete can be dropped off for recycling to Taranaki Concrete Recyclers, Rifle Range Road New Plymouth. Call 027 896 4288 for details.

Contact lenses and packaging

Used contact lenses and contact lens packaging can be dropped off for free recycling at Browning & Matthews Optometrists at 100 Devon Street East, New Plymouth.

Cookware - metal pots, pans, tins and utensils

Donate good quality items to your local charity shop.

Copper pots and pans can be recycled through your local scrap metal dealer.

Items that cannot be repurposed or donated need to be put in your landfill bin.

Crockery plates

If it is in good condition, crockery can be donated to a local second-hand store. If broken please wrap and place in your landfill bin.


Curtains in good condition can be donated to a local second-hand shop as affordable curtains can make a big difference to the warmth and health of people's homes. Ripped or degraded curtains made from natural fibres could be used as rags. Mouldy curtains or degraded curtains made from synthetic or thermal-backed fabrics should be placed in the landfill bin. 

Drinking glasses

If not chipped and in good condition, drinking glasses can be donated to a local second-hand store. If broken or chipped, please wrap and place in your landfill bin.


If it is made up of natural fibres, dust from sweeping or vacuum cleaners can be added to your home compost bin or placed under trees and dug into the soil. If it contains synthetic fibres, dust should be wrapped in paper or placed in a bag, and put in your landfill bin.

Electrical items/appliances

Many appliances and some electrical items can be repaired locally – contact businesses such as Surf City Appliance Repairs, Mason Appliances, Wayne Jury Appliance Repairs, Trident Electronics, or a phone, electronics or computer repair shop.

If they are in good working condition, some electrical items can be donated to local second-hand stores, phone first to check which items are accepted. You may also be able to give some electrical items such as non-working fridges to a local scrap metal dealer again, phone first to check.

E-waste and other electronic items can also be recycled – see Electronic Waste.

Electronic waste (e-Waste)

Drop-off points for e-Waste recycling can be found in New Plymouth, South Taranaki and Stratford. Charges apply, but most are subsidised by the Councils in their respective areas. 

New Plymouth - The Junction Zero Waste Hub, Colson Road New Plymouth. Open 10am-4pm Tuesday to Sunday.
Click here for a price list The Junction - Zero Waste Hub (npdc.govt.nz)

South Taranaki - Hawera Transfer Station, Scott Street (Envirowaste Ltd 06 278 8404) 8.30am-5pm Monday–Friday; 9.30pm-5pm Saturday; 12.30-5pm Sunday. Click here for more information and price list.

Stratford - Transfer Station, Cordelia Street, 2pm-5pm Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday; 10am-1pm Wednesday; 1pm-5pm Saturday-Sunday. You will pay $10 per unit - stereo, computer, or $20 per unit - TV.

E-waste from Taranaki is shipped to E-cycle in Auckland where products are dismantled and separated into a component or material categories. These materials are then sent to local and international specialist recyclers for conversion back into raw materials or for re-use in new products. For more information visit E-cycle.

Noel Leeming - This retail store currently accepts e-waste in the form of printers, computers, laptops, and tablets. Also accepted are keyboards, mice, power supplies, monitors, copiers, cameras, scanners, and multifunction printers. This is a FREE service. Find out more HERE.


Fabric in good condition can be donated to a local second-hand store for reuse for sewing projects - discuss with the store to check. Worn fabric can be cut up and used for rags or cleaning cloths at home. 

Fluorescent light bulbs/tubes

Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes can be recycled in larger quantities via commercial recyclers such as EnviroWaste, Interwaste and Waste Management. They can drop off a collection box in your workplace, school or community group for filling over time.

You can drop off your compact fluorescent light bulbs at Mitre 10 Mega in The Valley. Look for the bin inside the exit door.

If bulbs are not recycled, please wrap them well (ideally with padding with waste packaging so they do not break) and place in the landfill bin. 

Food storage containers and soft plastic (Glad brand)

GLAD® have partnered with Terracycle to create the GLAD® Food Storage Recycling Programme, a free recycling programme for GLAD® and other brands of ClingWrap, food storage bags and food storage containers. Your local drop off point for these products is The Junction on Colson Road.

Food waste/scraps

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website to find tips and recipes to help you reduce your food waste and save money.

If you have leftover edible food from your food business or event, you can donate it to On the House a food distribution charity who pick up surplus food.

Unavoidable food scraps make great compost, which can be spread on your garden to make it healthy and productive. Learn how to create your own compost bin or worm farm on the Composting and Worm Farming webpage.

If you're not able to compost at home, either use your food scraps bin (in the New Plymouth District), garden/food waste bin (South Taranaki), or arrange to drop your food scraps to a ShareWaste drop off point or a neighbour who composts.

Garden Pots

Take pots to The Junction if they are still in good condition and not damaged. Mitre 10 will also accept clean plant pots as part of their pot recycle scheme. 

Gas bottles

LPG bottles (including out-of-date bottles with surface rust) can be swapped at Swap'n'Go or OnGas facilities when purchasing a new full bottle. See ongas.co.nz/bottle-swap/for-customers or www.elgas.co.nz/swapngo for more details.

Rockgas Taranaki will accept cylinders, depending on available space. Phone 06 757 9264 to confirm details or call in to see them at 18/20 Constance Street Waiwhakaiho New Plymouth.

Some metal recyclers may also accept bottles but phone first to check.

Gel Ice Packs

Found in food box meal deliveries, you can take these to Rawr Petz, 264 Devon Street West any time between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. They reuse these items for the shipping and delivery of their products.

Glass (whole bottles and jars - without lids)

Put into your blue glass crate for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly and remove lids before recycling.

Glass louvre window slats

Contact Building Traders or Revive Building Recyclers to discuss whether they will accept unbroken window slats or windows.


Glasses/spectacles in good condition can be taken to Judd Opticians on King Street New Plymouth for reuse. Glasses will either be distributed to Pacific Island countries via the Lions Foundation, or frames offered for free to local residents (with tailored lenses) on their Green Wall.

If in Waitara, please take to the Waitara Community centre or local opticians. The spectacles are then sent onto the Volunteer Ophthalmologist Services Overseas (VOSO) for distribution to the Pacific Islands and Nepal.

Grass clippings

New Plymouth

Grass clippings and green waste is accepted at the New Plymouth, Inglewood, Okato, and Tongaporutu Transfer Stations. Find more info about transfer station opening hours and accepted waste here


Stratford District Council residents - drop off grass clippings at Stratford Transfer Station, Cordelia Street. The Stratford Transfer Station is only available for Stratford District residents.


South Taranaki Residents – drop off green waste at the Hawera Transfer Station, Scott Street. Find more information about charges here


Green waste (hedge trimmings, leaves)

Try composting at home. Turn your garden waste into compost and make your garden healthy and lush. It's easy and convenient and doesn’t need to take up much space. For more information on how to compost at home have a look at Composting and Worm Farming.

Mitre 10 also has some great information on how to make your own compost.

You could also check out your local transfer station for green waste disposal options (charges will apply) or look on the internet for green waste collectors in your area. South Taranaki District Council has a kerbside green waste collection service. Click here for more details.

Hard hats

RSEA (formally Safety and Apparel) accept hard hats at no cost for recycling. Labels, straps and polystyrene inner must be removed first. 

Call 0800 NZ RSEA (697 732) to chat to the team

Hazardous domestic waste (lead-based paint, garden chemicals)

Dispose of hazardous waste at transfer stations at Colson Rd (New Plymouth), Scott Street (Hawera) or Cordelia Street (Stratford). Domestic quantities only.

Hazardous waste - commercial

Contact any of Waste Management Ltd 04 568 0780 or get in touch online, Envirowaste 0800 246 978 or ChemWaste who offer disposal options for commercial quantities of hazardous wastes.

Hot ash

To properly dispose of ashes or coals we recommend the following:

  • Allow the ashes and coals to cool in the area where you had the fire for several days. The fireplace or grill is designed to contain their heat safely.
  • When it's time to dispose of the ashes, transfer them to a metal container and wet them down.
  • Keep the container outside your home and away from any combustibles until your general waste collection day.
  • DO NOT use galvanized containers as hot coals on the galvanized metal will release noxious fumes.
  • DO NOT place other combustibles in the container.
  • DO NOT use a combustible container such as your landfill bin.

Hot water bottles

Hot water bottles in good condition can be given to The Junction or an opshop for resale. Worn or broken hot water bottles should be disposed of in the landfill bin.

Insulation (underfloor)

Underfloor insulation is reusable and can be dropped off at The Junction, or alternatively enquire with the insulation retailer, installer or product supplier for any reuse or recycling opportunities.

Lamp shade

Lamp shades in good condition can be donated to a local second-hand store. Glass or other non-fabric lamp shades and light fittings can be dropped at Building Traders or Revive Building Recyclers.

Large plastic containers (number 1,2,5 over 3 litres)

Take any large plastic containers over 3 litres in size (with a number 1,2 or 5) to The Junction on Colson Road. Large Ecostore containers are accepted at Down to Earth on Devon Street West. Please ensure they are clean and dry.

Lightbulbs (energysaver)

Energysaver and compact fluorescent lightbulbs can be recycled at Mitre10 Mega stores or alternatively Bunnings stores in Hawera and New Plymouth.


Is your mattress still in good condition? Is it still comfortable? No broken springs, ripped fabric, mould or stains? Some second-hand charity shops may be interested to take it but you will usually need to take it to them. Always call ahead before you make your trip, as some charities have a policy not to take any mattresses, and others may well be overloaded with current stock and unable to take any more. Expect them to check your mattress very carefully and be prepared for them to politely reject it if it does not meet their standards.

Unfortunately, there is no mattress recycling available in NZ at this time but 3R Group has investigated this.  Register your interest here

Rebound | Get in Touch


Micro Fibre Density board (MDF) can be recycled at any of the following building recyclers - Building Traders Revive Building Recyclers or The Junction. 

Medical waste (needles, syringes and unused medication)

Always place your loose needles and sharps into approved sharps containers.

Many pharmacies offer a take-back service for needles and syringes and some sell sharps bins. Ask at your local pharmacy to see what services they can provide you with for disposing of your sharps safely and correctly.

  • DO NOT flush them down the toilet.
  • DO NOT place them in your red general waste bin, public bins or your yellow recycling bin.

Unused prescribed medication can also be returned at no charge to your pharmacy for safe disposal. Please contact your local pharmacy for further details.

Metals - ferrous (machinery, whiteware, steel drums, steel cans, galvanised steel, metal beer caps)

Take to a scrap metal dealer such as Molten Metals Recycling, Energy City Recyclers or Global Metal Solutions. Some transfer stations also have separate areas for recycling scrap metal. Beer caps can be taken to the Junction on Colson Road and placed in their alternative recycling wall receptacle at the front of the shop.

Metals - non ferrous (copper, brass, bronze, lead, stainless steel, aluminium)

Take to a scrap metal dealer such as Molten Metals Recycling, Energy City Recyclers or Global Metal Solutions. Some transfer stations also have separate areas for recycling scrap metal.

Milk bottle tops

Collect at home and take to The Junction Colson Road, where you can drop off into a receptacle on their recycling wall. They are then sent to a local recycler to be shredded and recycled.


Unbroken mirrors in good condition may be accepted by second-hand shops or Building Traders or Revive Building Recyclers. Broken mirrors should be wrapped securely in waste packaging or newspaper and placed in the landfill bin.

Mobile phones

Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees and Noel Leeming stores have free recycling drop-off bins in their shops for old phones, chargers and batteries. See local collection points and preparation instructions online.

Mobile phones can also be sent to Recycling for Charity at 1 King Charles Drive, Upper Hutt, or Main Reception, Atrium, Wellington Regional Hospital, supporting Wellington Children's Hospital.

For additional drop-off locations, check out re:mobile.

Needles (medical)

Needles should not be placed in the landfill bin. Please contact your pharmacy or medical provider to arrange for a sharps collection container, or discuss options with a commercial waste collector such as EnviroWaste, Interwaste or Waste Management for sharps collection. See also Medical Waste.

Oil (cooking)

Cookright (Vatman) - call 0800 804 104 or find your local Vatman here

Taranaki local Vatman - Wayne Jacobson (021 377 324)


Full drum-oil collection service. Call 0508 385537 or 027 2298039

Oil (motor oil for vehicle engines)

Oil can be taken to the transfer stations at Colson Rd, New Plymouth, Scott St, Hawera, or Cordelia Street, Stratford.

Alternatively ask at your local garage or if you have large volumes contact Transpacific Industrial Solutions on 06 755 9150. Charges may apply.

Stratford Transfer Station, Cordelia Street accepts 10 litres at no cost (Stratford residents only). 

Hawera transfer stations accept up to 10 litres at a time at $2 per litre.

Other Oil Products

Used oil filters, used plastic oil containers - disposal and recycling, rags and absorbent disposals, coolant collection and disposal click on link to Salters - www.salters.co.nz

Oil filters

ERS NZ Ltd offer a recycling service for oil filters to motor vehicle workshops and other major oil filter users in Taranaki. They collect the filters, extract the oil for reuse and recycle the metal. There is a charge. Contact them for more information on 0800 23 23 03


PaintWise (managed by the Resene Foundation) is available through the New Plymouth Resene Colorshop. PaintWise accepts any brand of decorative paint, but not automotive and marine paints, and not paint thinners, solvents or aerosols. A small charge applies to non-Resene branded product and trade returns to help offset the costs of the PaintWise programme. Slightly rusty and empty tins are also accepted.

Resene donates recycled paint, known as Resene EchoPaint, to community groups for their activities.

The New Plymouth Resene Colorshop is at 132 Molesworth Street (view map). See www.resene.co.nz/paintwise for more information or call on (06) 7598100

Note: If paint is already partially dried out, it is unsuitable for recycling. Simply leave the top off the container until the paint is dried out completely, then put  the tin out in the rubbish, or take it to PaintWise.

Pallets - untreated

Untreated pallets are accepted for free by Return 2 Earth on Egmont Road, New Plymouth. They are chipped, nails removed and recycled, and the wood chip used for animal bedding.



Newspaper, magazines, printer paper, office paper, publications, fliers, junk mail and flattened cardboard boxes can be put into your recycling bin. Paper can also be composted at home. Confidential items can be shredded, then composted. Note: Waxed paper, such as milk cartons, and carbon paper cannot be recycled or composted.

Paper - shredded

Shredded paper can be composted at home, or dropped off for free for composting by a ShareWaste host. It shouldn't be added to kerbside mixed recycling bins if it is already shredded, as it clogs machinery. Stratford Transfer Station takes shredded paper and passes it on to chicken/rabbit owners for the hutches.

Pet food packaging

Animates is working with Terracycle to recycle pet food packaging. Chat to a team member about how you can recycle your pet food bags instore.

Pharmaceuticals (medicines, drugs and other pharmacy waste)

Ask your local pharmacy about disposal of old medicines.


If you have an unwanted photocopier, contact the manufacturer (for example. Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh or Canon), as they may be willing to collect it for refurbishing or recycling. There might be a cost, depending on location, age of machine and other factors. 

Plant pots

You may take clean plant and seedling pots with a #5 to the New Plymouth Mitre 10 Mega. These are then sent on to be chipped and remolded back into plant pots. Check out the link for more information Mitre 10 Mega pot recycling scheme. (Even though these items have a 5 in a triangle on them, they are not accepted in your kerbside recycling bin).

Alternatively Big Jim's garden centre will take back plant and seedling pots for reuse. Local revegetation projects may also be interested in reusing plant pots and bags. You may also take used plant pots to The Junction reuse shop on Colson Road.

Plastic (milk, water and soft drink bottles, plastic containers with recycling numbers 1, 2 or 5)

Remove lids and put into your recycling bin for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly before recycling.

Plastic (soft, scrunchy - plastic bags, packaging, confectionery wrappers)

The Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme now operates in Taranaki and you will find receptacles at participating Countdown supermarkets for scrunchable soft plastics - see list below for all accepted items:

  • Polyethylene bags
  • Bread, pasta & rice bags
  • Fresh produce bags and netting citrus bags
  • Frozen food bags (frozen vegetable, fries, burgers, nuggets, poultry etc) 
  • Dairy wrappers
  • Plastic packaging around toilet paper, kitchen towels, nappies and sanitary products
  • Courier packs
  • Newspaper wrap
  • Chocolate & muesli bar wrappers and biscuit packets (wrapper only)
  • Confectionery wrap
  • Chip packets with light foil
  • Cereal box liners
  • Bubble wrap and large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into pieces the size of an A3 sheet of paper first)
  • Cling film which is clean - please make sure it is LDPE (resin 4)
  • Ice pack bags – (empty and dry)
  • Coffee & Teabox bags (light foil lining)
  • Dry dog food bags
  • Garden potting mix bags

For more information please visit https://www.recycling.kiwi.nz/

Please note, plastic bags can NOT be put into your yellow kerb side recycling bin.

Try to reduce plastic bag use by taking your own reusable bag to the supermarket. Try to choose produce that is not packaged in plastic, opt for loose fruit and vegetables or use a paper or cloth produce bag. Ask for your fish and meat to be wrapped in paper. Buy your nuts and seeds from bulk food shops like Bin Inn where you can take your own container to fill up.

Plate glass

Some large glass will be accepted for reuse at Building Traders or Revive Building Recyclers. Contact them to arrange an on-site quote or to drop off used items.


Commercial businesses can take their polystyrene to Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, Hawera, ph 06 278 6170. There is a small charge for this service. Unfortunately this service is not available to the general public. 

Printer/toner cartridges

Printer or toner cartridges can be dropped off at OfficeMax, Warehouse Stationery or Cartridge World stores for free recycling.

Warehouse stationary recycling programme is available to all customers including households through to large businesses. Any brand ink cartridges, toner cartridges, drum cartridges and labelling cassettes are accepted. 

Alternatively, call Toner Recycling Group on 0800 180 160 to order a free post consumers recycling bag (a small bag for inkjet cartridges and large bags for laser toners). If your used consumables will not fit into a recycling bag, you can drop them off to: 

Taranaki Electronics | 3/53 Rimu Street | New Plymouth
P (06) 757 5707 

Cartridge World New Plymouth - 06 757 4380 or 0800 2733455

Warehouse Stationary New Plymouth - (06) 758 0243

OfficeMax - 0800 426 473

Propane canisters

Propane canisters, often used for camping, can be disposed of at some Taranaki transfer stations.

South Taranaki transfer stations will accept small canisters in the scrap metal bins, free of charge or with the LPG bottles, also free of charge. If there are any concerns about gas residue, an operator can assist. 

The New Plymouth transfer station will accept canisters as part of hazardous goods collection (domestic quantities only). 

Stratford transfer station does not accept canisters or LPG bottles. 


Please ensure all canisters are empty before disposing. 

Procan Propane Canister - Gasmate Australia


Pyrex glass

If it is in good condition, Pyrex glass items can be donated to a local second-hand store. If it is chipped or in poor condition, Pyrex items should be wrapped and placed in your landfill bin.

Razors and razor packaging

You may take all brands of blades and razors (refillable and disposable products and replaceable-blade cartridge units); rigid plastic razor packaging and flexible plastic bag razor packaging to the Recycling Wall at the Junction on Colson Road. This is then recycled through the TerraCycle free recycling programme.

Reusable nappy services

Reusable nappy services: Baby Addictions’ can help you to explore the Reusable Cloth Nappy laundry service, which is available only in Taranaki for parents at home or daycares. Baby Addictions’ is committed to providing Reusable Nappies, Inserts, Wet/Swim bags & Teething accessories in great colours and designs. With competitive prices from a New Zealand small business, you’ll find something for that little one in your life!



These can be reused or donated to your local school - phone first to check. Alternatively take to The Junction reuse shop on Colson Road.


Usable rope may be accepted by second-hand shops. Please dispose of frayed or degraded rope in your landfill bin.

Seedling/plant containers

Ask your garden shop when you purchase seedlings if they will take back the containers for reuse or recycling. You could also advertise seedling containers for reuse via Freecycle New Plymouth or Permaculture in Taranaki Facebook Group or take them along to a local Crop Swap. Alternatively take to Mitre 10 Mega and place in their in-store recycling receptacle. Please ensure they are clean and free of all dirt and potting mix.


Shoes can be repaired at a local shoe repair shop. Shoes in good condition may be able to be donated to a local second-hand store - discuss if they want to receive quality shoes. If shoes are not in good condition for resale, please place them in your landfill bin.

Silicone (food grade)

Take your food grade silicone for recycling to The Junction alternative recycling wall outside the shop entrance.


Check with your supplier, as some offer a take-back system; otherwise contact Transpacific Industrial Solutions (Ph 06-755 9150 New Plymouth).

Sportswear, equipment and boots

Items in good condition can be donated to a local opshop or give your local school a call to see if they would be interested. 


Steel is infinitely recyclable. Take to a scrap metal dealer such as Molten Metals Recycling, Energy City Recyclers or Global Metal Solutions, who may pay for drop off of recyclable items by weight, or pick up from your site. Some transfer stations have separate areas for recycling scrap metal.

Molten Metals - (06) 751 5367

Energy City Recyclers - (06) 758 1140

GMS - (06) 755 2688

Steel cans

Put into your recycling bin for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly before recycling.

TerraCycle drop offs - Colgate Toothpaste Tubes, Brushes & Packaging and Makeup

Oral Care Products
Colgate only toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and packaging can be dropped at The Junction on Colson Road, New Plymouth's local Terracycle recycling drop off point for free recycling. Note electronic toothbrushes and electronic toothbrush parts are not recyclable through this program.

Makeup - All Brands
Chemist Warehouse in The Valley now has a collection box for any type of makeup and packaging to be recycled in the TerraCycle recycling programme. You can drop off any brand of empty makeup  packaging at Chemist Warehouse in The Valley. This includes empty eye and brow makeup packing, empty lip makeup packaging (lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms) and empty face makeup packaging such as compacts, tubes and pots. Find a location. Learn more.


TetraPak/Liquid Paper Board Cartons

New Plymouth

TetraPak/Liquid paper board cartons can be taken to the Junction on Colson Road or to the VIBE coffee cart at the bottom of Borrell Ave hill. 

Please follow the instructions below on how to properly prepare your cartons for recycling. 


Cartons can be dropped off at the Egmont Refuse office on Scott Street. Please follow the instructions below on how to properly prepare your cartons for recycling. 

Preparing your cartons for recycling

Prepare your cartons for recycling by cutting them completely open along the side and across the top so they are flat and rinse them out. You can leave caps attached. 

*Please note these CANNOT go in your kerbside recycling bin.



Textiles such as unused fabric, zips, buttons and threads that are in good condition may be accepted by your local second-hand store. Phone them first to check they are willing to accept these items. Worn or stained textiles that cannot be reused as rags should be placed in your landfill bin.


Contact Building Traders or Revive Building Recyclers to discuss drop off of usable timber (untreated and treated), or to arrange an on-site quote for pick up and payment.

Pallets may be able to be picked up by suppliers. The public are also often interested in reusing pallets of non-treated timber, so you may want to advertise pallets for pick up if you have a stockpile. Non-treated pallets can also be dropped off for a small fee at Return to Earth in New Plymouth for chipping for animal bedding.

For treated timbers, discuss options with your local transfer station.

Toner cartridges

To recycle copier and printer toner cartridges, contact Cartridge World New Plymouth on 06 757 4380 or the Toner Recycling Company (TRC) on 0800 180 160.


Toys in good condition can be donated to your local second-hand shop. Alternatively contact the Taranaki Toy Library or a local creche or parents group to discuss the toys you have to donate and if they would like to receive them. Broken toys should go in the landfill bin. 


Current disposal options

Car tyres are accepted at Waitara, Inglewood, Okato and Hawera transfer stations. 

A maximum of four tyres at a time are accepted and there is a fee. 

Stratford transfer station does not accept tyres. Stratford residents may be able to drop off tyres to a local tyre shop.

For larger quantities of tyres, contact Waste Management or EnviroWaste to get a quote for collection.  


Changes coming to tyre disposal

From 1 March a tyre stewardship fee will be charged on all new tyres sold – loose or on a vehicle.

The fee has been set at $6.65 (excl. GST) for a standard passenger tyre but will vary depending on the type of tyre. For example different fees are payable for motorbike tyres vs tractor tyres. 

The retailer or garage will tell you what the fee is for the tyres you purchase.

Disposal fees may still apply on your old end-of-life-tyres until 1 September.

From 1 September, there will no longer be any disposal fees on end-of-life tyres that you leave with your registered seller/fitter when you replace them.

Up to five end-of-life tyres at a time can be taken to registered public collection sites for no charge. The public collection sites for Taranaki are yet to be confirmed. 

More information about the tyre product stewardship scheme can be found here


VapeCycle, powered by TerraCycle, is one of the world’s first programmes of its kind. VapeCycle ensures that all VAPO, VEX, Bud, alt. and solo products (including e-liquid bottles, vape devices and vape pods) can be recycled. 

You can download a free shipping label from the TerraCycle website and send them your vape products or you can find a drop off location online. 


Unused wallpaper rolls or roll ends in good condition can be given to The Junction for resale. Ripped off wallpaper needs to go to landfill, as it contains glues that contaminate paper recycling.


Standard garden weeds can be composted at home, or given to a local ShareWaste drop off point locally if they agree to take them. You can also drop non-noxious weeds at the New Plymouth transfer station green waste collection, or organise a green waste bin or on-call collection with a commercial green waste collector.

Only noxious weeds such as Tradescantia or wild ginger, and non-compostable plants such as flax and cabbage tree leaves can be placed in your landfill bin. See the full list of allowable noxious weeds in this Taranaki Regional Council document.


Old or broken whiteware can be recycled. Contact your local scrap metal dealer or local transfer station (charges may apply).

Wine Bottle Screw Caps

Take wine bottle screw caps and can pull tabs to the alternative recycling wall at the Juction on Colson Road. Place in the appropriate receptacle on the wall. The caps are sold and recycled as a fundraiser for Kidney Kids to support them and their families as well as helping purchase dialysis machines.


Usable timbers can be on-sold via Building Traders, Revive Building Recyclers or The Junction. Contact them to discuss drop off or to arrange an on-site quote for pick up and payment.

Excess wood from felled trees can be sold or donated via a local buy and sell group.

Untreated wood is accepted freely at Return 2 Earth on Egmont Road, New Plymouth, and chipped into animal bedding.

For treated wood, discuss options with your local Transfer Station.

Wool/Insulated Food Bags

These are the wool insulated bags that come with your weekly food box meal deliveries. They can be taken to Rawr Petz, 264 Devon Street West New Plymouth, anytime between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. They are reused for shipping and deliveries of their products. Other woollen insulation material can be used in your garden as weed matting.